Thursday, 1 February 2018

If You Want A Celebration To Remember, Have A San Francisco City Hall Wedding

By Andrew Snyder

Once you decide to get married, you have to choose flowers, dresses, bridesmaids, and the venue. How big or small the celebration is probably depends a lot on your pocketbook. If you want to have something memorable, and fool your friends at the same time, you could opt for a San Francisco city hall wedding. If the friends thought they would be witnessing you standing in front of a judge in a sterile room, they will be in for a shock.

If you love the idea of getting married in one of the most famous and photographed buildings in San Francisco, but are on a limited budget, you can opt for an affordable, but memorable, one hour ceremony. It can be conducted on the Mayor's Balcony or the Gallery on the fourth floor. There is room to seat up to sixty guests. Refreshments after the ceremony are not an option. The basic package costs a thousand dollars.

Couples who have more to spend and are looking for something a little more elaborate can choose a two hour ceremony. This services are conducted on the Grand Staircase of the Rotunda. The area can accommodate up to two hundred guests. For five thousand dollars you get the venue, chairs, insurance, and basic services. The two hour window is inclusive of setting up and breaking down.

Evening ceremonies in this impressive, nineteenth century building are especially popular. You will repeat your vows on the Grand Staircase, enjoy cocktails in the North Light Court, and then move into the Rotunda area for a formal dinner with dancing afterward. You can choose to be married during the week or on the weekend. You will have access to the venue from two in the afternoon until two the following morning.

These packages do not include everything. When you meet with the events coordinator, you should go over what is covered in the basic package, and what you will be expected to provide. The building has a limited amount of equipment and chairs for instance. Most couples contract with an independent vendor to provide the equipment they need.

Your package will not include the marriage license or certificate. These are obtained through the Clerk of the Court's office. Packages do not include individuals to officiate the ceremony. If you don't have a preferred official, you may contact the Clerk's office or the city for more information.

You will receive a list of rules and regulations when you sign your event contract. You should read it over before you spend money on fireworks, smoke or snow machines, or confetti. None of these items are allowed. You can't affix banners, lights, or signs to the building's exterior without the authorization of the city engineer.

If you are getting married in San Francisco, you really should consider having the ceremony in this American Renaissance monument. It will be an experience you can relate for years to come. You will surprise everyone with the story of your city hall wedding.

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