Sunday, 4 February 2018

Self Empowerment Coach Secrets On Transforming Your Life

By Sarah Phillips

It is frustrating to wake up one day and realize that you are not where you dreamed of being. All the efforts feel useless and desires appear like day dreams. The top self empowerment coach thinks that such a day should be celebrated because it will change your life for good. Further, success and achievement are possible when you follow the following thought-out tips.

Take full responsibility of your life and all actions. The world owes you or anyone else nothing. It is your actions and decisions that will determine who you become and whether you realize your dreams. Depending on others or blaming them for your situation in life is just defeatist and will not bring you any closer to your dreams. Take charge of your life and watch as it gets transformed.

Challenge and eliminate the negative thoughts that keep cropping up. This is common when you fail to meet milestones or when you are facing a daunting task. Most thoughts relate to your capability and will easily drain your confidence. Only entertain the positive ones and appreciate whenever you make a positive step. You are your greatest source of motivation.

Create boundaries in life. Beyond setting the boundaries, you must learn to enforce them. Among the things you have to set boundaries on are time and space. Limit the people you interact with to only those that bring you closer to your goals. All your engagements should add value to your life instead of enabling others to meet their goals while yours suffer.

There is power in discernment and meditation. These exercises are learnt and mastered over time. It is a reflective moment to enable you identify areas where you could have done better and where you excelled. You become more aware of your areas of strength and weakness. This is an awakening moment since you realize where you need more resources and what is not working for you. It is an evaluation that helps you improve on results.

Patience pays and you have to work for your dreams. While working smart is the hash-tag today, you have to put in the required hours. The most successful persons have dedicated time to their projects. Lasting success takes time to build. Consider success to be a journey instead of an event. Your role models will tell you that nothing will ever come easily.

Having a mentor will add great value to your life and make your goals achievable. Choose a person who has already walked that path. Such people give you an opportunity to learn from their successes and failures. Study the processes they followed and patterns that guided their lives. You will have a more realistic picture of what is required and how you can get to your desired goal.

Success is a conscious decision and not luck. You need to know where you intend to be in order to find out how you will get there. Goals must be set and energy as well as resources directed towards these goals. Expecting quick wins or solutions will only lead to disappointments. Whenever you fail, learn from the experience through meditation and discernment in order to make a wiser decision in future.

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