Saturday, 3 February 2018

Top Tips For Building An Amazing Collection Of Steampunk Jewelry, Clothing And Accessories

By Margaret Harris

If you have attended any science fiction conventions you may have noticed people dressed in an amazing mix of historical outfits mixed with more futuristic elements. Perhaps you have seen a woman dressed in elegant Victorian clothing with goggles attached to her hat. This style of dressing is know as steampunk and it is very popular. If you are fascinated by steampunk jewelry and clothing here is what you need to know to create your own collection.

Individuals who get introduced to this genre may be amazed to find out that it is much more extensive than being limited to clothing and accessories. There are movies and music that have this quasi-industrial element to them. People who are devoted to this lifestyle will often pursue Victorian hobbies such as hat making, corsetry and tailoring in order to make sure that their outfits look as beautiful as possible. Steampunk items all tend to have a Victorian feel to them as that is the time period when mechanization and industrialization first truly began to take hold.

This style of dress can be difficult to figure out and explaining the time period may sound very vague but as you spend more time learning it becomes easier to understand. If you think about what life was like during the Victorian era you will begin to understand. Now throw in the kind of future that is imagined by HG Wells and, in some cases, magical elements and you have the very basics of this movement.

Women often love this style of dress as it gives them the chance to wear pieces they may not be able to anywhere else. If you are just starting out you might want to think about getting a corset, a blouse with long, flowing sleeves and a long skirt. Other women may end up putting together riding outfits or costumes that Victorian women may have worn to tea or to important social events.

Men's fashion, historically, has been much more varied than it is now. If you like the idea of being a sharp dresser, getting involved in the local steampunk movement may give you the freedom to dress well that you have always wanted to have. When you think of men's steampunk fashion, consider a historical military outfit like a set of British scarlets or a pith helmet. Alternately, a man could choose to wear a well-tailored suit as part of his alternate persona.

There are many websites that offer these kinds of clothing and jewelry pieces. For example, some websites will offer period-appropriate clothing while others will offer accessories such as footwear, hats and jewelry. If you like the look of a particular site it might be worthwhile to ask around and make sure that others have had good luck with their orders.

Some individuals will want to make their own jewelry instead of buying it. You can use gears and other antique-looking metal elements to create some beautiful pieces. If you are not sure where to find decorative elements to use you may want to check your local craft shop to see what they have in their jewelry making section.

Finding events to go to is the next step that you may want to take. You may want to try meeting up with other people at local conventions. It is not uncommon to see someone dressed in this way at local science fiction conventions and there are often local events as well that focus on dressing up in your steampunk finery.

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