Monday, 21 December 2015

Different Complaints And Reviews About Toll Brothers

By Matthew Hughes

Tolls practices affected many people especially the neighbors. Through their activities, they defaulted on their contractual obligations and defined the Michigan law. Many people who contracted with the Tolls had various issues especially on the pricing of the contracts. There are therefore various complaints and reviews about Toll brothers, which were given out by the different individuals affected.

Many people who did business with the company claimed that the firm could always hike their prices whenever it came to selling of their property. Their staff also complained of been overworked. The people working in some building sites claimed about negligent and deception. They advised people that in case you would wish to transact any business with the Toll brothers you should ensure that you have a lawyer as well as be carefully when signing the papers.

The Toll brothers are also said to exaggerate their footage to over 293 square feet. This criticize came from Las Vegas . The client also said the company may give tax evaluators and construction departments the wrong footage information about the relevant property. They did not also reveal any guarantee to their clients before transacting any business. In addition, they could even stop honoring the agreement in the middle of any contract.

A recent criticize came on September 30, 2015 from Durham, NC. The client said that they had purchased a new home on October 2014 which had a year warranty. However, there was a false alarm sealed at the back door. The buyers filed a request on July 20, 2015.Despite their communication with the various warranty departments, there is no action that has ever been taken in almost two months. After creating an online warranty account, the customer claims the request had been closed.

A client from Cave Creek, Arizona had another issue about the contractors. She says that they were sold a Mountain View property, which they paid the required premiums. About three weeks after they moved in, another 30 feet build was built just behind theirs blocking them from the view that could have had. They complained that this was not as per their agreement.

The client thus placed a complained to the Vice president who had promised that the house would not exceed 10 feet. The reply she got was a little shocking to her. The VP told her that she had not stated anywhere in the agreement that she wanted to view the mountain at any point of her living. The sales individual also stated the same when she approached her.

Another complain came in on November 6, 2013 from Warrington. The people who live in the neighborhood of the Brothers development site stated that huge trucks would come at midnight and till down the ground hogs as well as the destroying the natural landscape of their premises. They have sold the top soil in the area living the clay for the new residents.

A customer from Lodi, Florida stated that they had been sold a house that had a poor taping, rocking, sparkling, and poor roofing. They also said that there was a lot of grass that had grown in the pavement; there was also ponding and mold. They also had settling issues. On asking the manager, they got no relevant answer from him. Robbery prevailed in the estates and people lost property very much.

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