Thursday, 24 December 2015

How A North Royalton Chiropractor Helps With Weight Loss Solutions Using Spinal Adjustments

By Kurt Saniel

When you think of chiropractic care, the first thing that comes to mind is spinal care. This safe and conservative type of health care can do more than alleviate pain. The brain transmits the signals to activate your entire body through the nervous system which emanates from the spine. As a prominent North Royalton Chiropractor will confirm, the brain directs all activities that take place in the body.

It is extremely important to maintain correct positioning of the vertebrae. The nerve signals transmitted from the spine will be able to travel smoothly. Good health is maintained throughout the body when the flexibility and correct positioning of the spine are maintained.

If the vertebral bones the spinal column is comprised of are not in perfect alignment it affects the mobility of the joints that join one bone to another. The joints that are weight-bearing can become stressed when a person is overweight. The hips, knees, ankles and even the lower back can be impacted by a weight gain of ten pounds. Your balance and the alignment of the spine are likely to be affected.

A surgical solution such as gastric bypass may be used in cases of morbid obesity. After surgery, as the weight decreases, the spine requires adjustment. The balance and positioning of the vertebrae will change as the individual loses weight. Every ten pound loss can benefit by an adjustment.

It will be helpful to meet with the chiropractor prior to surgery. An examination of the spine and a medical history will be helpful after the procedure and subsequent weight loss. Exercise and adjustments will, of course, not be started until full recovery from the operation have taken place.

After your condition is evaluated, a plan to assist you in losing weight can be devised. It will focus on alleviating your pain, which will allow you to exercise. A nutritious diet must be accompanied by some kind of regular exercise in order to be successful.

You will be enabled to move your body freely. As the weight drops, your health will improve rapidly. Each ten pound loss will provide new encouragement. Consultation and care provided by your chiropractor will help you maintain the program leading to a healthier life.

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