Thursday, 31 December 2015

The R Word Pledge Movement And Its Objectives

By Elizabeth Johnson

Some words are very derogatory when used in communication. You may not be aware that such words or phrases are hurting to the person whom they are told. It has therefore proven important for people to take action against the use of such words in conversations. The word retard is an example of such words. This phrase is very insensitive and hurtful when used to address people dealing with intellectual disabilities. The r word pledge movement was started in 2009 to help create sensitization to people against the use of this phrase.

The principle objective of this initiative is to make mindfulness among individuals. It advises them of the significance of utilizing deferential dialect when alluding to individuals with subjective and intellectual challenges. The initiative proceeds to inform people that the casualties of this phrase can have the capacity to live ordinarily and make progress without being viewed as retards.

This movement begun back in the year 2009 during the Special Olympics World Winter Games. During the event, a group of youths comprised of individuals with and without the cognitive disabilities decided to spread the message to end the use of the word. They wore outfits that displayed the message Spread the Word to end the Word.

The initiative has used students across the nation to enable it to spread the message more. The students can be able to start by stopping the use of the phrase at school and in their neighborhoods. There has even been a day set aside for the commemoration of the event which is the 31st of March each year. Public figures have been requested to desist from using the phrase and those who have used it have been condemned and asked to make public apologies.

To achieve its objectives, this pledge movement has used several strategies to pass the information to the public. Students in schools have been the greatest means of spreading the message. This movement has also widely used social media to gain support towards its goals. They have used Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other channels to gain followers who help in passing the memo to more people. Interested individuals can join the sites and sign up to contribute towards the initiative.

The passing of a light of appreciation additionally goes far in passing the message of the initiative. The light is moved in a hand to hand-off relay over 50 states. The transfer likewise involves raising money where people can contribute towards the honorable intention of the activity. With more funds, facilitators of this initiative can have the capacity to inform more people.

Individuals joining this movement are encouraged to share their stories on how they decided to join the movement on its website. These stories have encouraged more individuals to join the initiative and grow this community.

VIPs have helped enormously in the objectives of the initiative. With their backing, the activity has possessed the capacity to impart wide gatherings of people. Understand that individuals alluded to as retards do not merit this. They are only people with psychological incapacity and deserve our care and love.

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