Wednesday, 30 December 2015

That One Place To Go For Wildlife Tours

By Frank Edwards

If you are looking for a great safari expedition, Africa would be one of the most likely places you would go for. It has numerous places where you could enjoy the wildlife in any way you can. There are adventures in every nook, it is up to you choose what kind of adventure you want to have.

While the African continent is a big piece of land, there is one favorite place where you could have the ultimate safari time you always wanted. For this, you have to ask for help from Namibia Tours. Namibia is the home to one of the richest African wildlife places. Here are two touring companies you might want to try when you plan to have a safari adventure in Africa.

Tours and Safaris specialty is making your holiday vacation a memorable one. They have been up and running for twenty years now. The top three priorities that they want to surely give their customers are quality service, expert advice and competitive prices. And this is what you should always look out for and expect from them.

Wild Dog Safaris has an educational and informative yet really fun trip that lasts for nineteen days. They also offer a number of offers that respectively meets the desired vacation that you would want to have. For special occasions and events that you would want to have with their company, they offer good deals of packages and services.

Whether you choose from any of the two services above, the decision is yours. For you to be expectant and a little systematic during your African journey, have yourself a list of destinations you would like to visit. To give you a brief guide, here are some places you might want to consider.

Etosha National Park is the only park there is that has a large salt pan that can be seen from space. It is also very accessible to people who have cars. It also offers a range of accommodation, restaurants and shops. Basically everything you need is already present in the area.

The allegedly second largest canyon in the world is also found here. The Fish River Canyon is 160 kilometers long, 27 kilometers wide, and almost 550 meters deep. Different breeds of birds gather inside this big canyon just to take a dip or drink from the hot springs and small pools of water that from at its foot.

The famous Namib Desert is also found in this country. This is one of the oldest desert, aging for about 43 million years old today. It is an immense expanse of wonderful gravel plains and dunes, that comes in all shapes and sizes. For you to witness and marvel at this wonder, you have to see it personally with your own eyes and grasp how wonderful this piece of nature is.

For deeper explanations and illustrations, you could search the Internet for those. There are so many articles and online content that would probably be of much help to you. This African country also has its own website, and you should also check it in case.

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