Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer Provides Legal Help For Victims Who Have Medical Expenses

By Kenya File

The first thing to do after an automobile accident is attend to any possible injuries. The second thing to do, if no one must be transported by ambulance, is to call the police. As your Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer would advise, do not make any statements, comments or otherwise discuss the accident without first speaking with an attorney.

Anything you say might be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. Allow the police to do their job which is asking the relevant questions and filling out a report. You may exchange insurance information with the driver of the other car.

In case an insurance agent from your insurer or the other drivers insurer gets in touch with you, do not make any statement. Never sign any agreement to settle the claim. It is possible to negate your right to a fair amount to cover all expenses connected to the car crash. It would be unfortunate to give up the right to a fair settlement.

Spend a half hour consulting a lawyer. He or she can advise you on your chances of winning a fair settlement. You will not pay anything until the case is settled in your favor, in most instances. The attorney collects a predetermined percentage of any money you are awarded.

Your medical bill should be figured, including any that will occur in the future as a result of the car crash. Your vehicle should be repaired or replaced for you. In many instances an amount is awarded for pain and suffering endured.

Your attorney will often try to settle the claim out of court. This is in your best interest as long as the other party is agreeable to the amount of the settlement. If the case must go to trial it will take up your time. Plus, you will wait longer to collect any monies you are entitled to.

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